RSR go racing

  • _MG_8965
  • _MG_8717
  • _MG_8720
  • _MG_8721
  • _MG_8762
  • _MG_8764
  • _MG_8773
  • _MG_8800
  • _MG_8825
  • _MG_8898
  • _MG_8907
  • _MG_8913
  • _MG_8920
  • _MG_8942
  • _MG_8949

RSR were at Knockhill this weekend supporting SC in the #48 911.  The usual story of last-minute repairs trackside were a prelude to some exciting battles on track, including a “love tap” from a competitor which nearly saw the Porsche in the tyres, if it weren’t for a masterful save from SC it could have ended in tears…

_MG_8965 _MG_8717 _MG_8720 _MG_8721 _MG_8762 _MG_8764 _MG_8773 _MG_8800 _MG_8825 _MG_8898 _MG_8907 _MG_8913 _MG_8920 _MG_8942 _MG_8949

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