620R brakes again

The 620R was phenomenal on track, but the brakes still weren’t right.  The lack of bite was noticeable, so further investigation was warranted.  We ordered a full new set of pads on the thought that the compounds could be improved, and on fitting them we found this:

20150603_171311 (Large)

The pad on the left is the inside rear pad we removed, the one on the right the replacement DS2500.  Normally when a car arrives we would check this over, but in this case coming from the manufacturer having just had a full service as part of sale we had assumed the rear pads were in the same condition as the front ones (brand new)…..a lesson learnt, trust no-one in the car trade.

As part of our standard post-track healthcheck we noticed a slight brake fluid leak from the cap.  On inspection, the cap looked like this:

20150602_142038 (Large)

It looks like simple cross-threading, but it simply can’t be fitted straight.  A new “race” cap is on the way from Caterham which will cure the problem.

With both issues corrected we are hoping for much improved feel from the 620R brakes.

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