About RSR

RSR Engineering is an organisation formed by a number of performance car enthusiasts to prepare their exotic, performance and track cars to standards unavailable from current traditional and specialist mechanics.  With a focus on race-car preparation RSR have a combined total of over 40 years experience in maintaining, preparing, enhancing and racing a wide variety of performance marques.  While specialisms include Porsche and Caterham, experience ranges from low-cost track dedicated Bike Engined Cars (BEC) through classic Ferrari.

Activities include:

  • Routine Service and Maintenance
  • Pre and post-track preparation and setup
  • Brake upgrade/maintenance
  • Engine strip/rebuild
  • Suspension upgrade/maintenance
  • Tyre management (track slick, wet, intermediate) and testing
  • Fault finding/analysis and resolution
  • Detailing and cosmetic preparation

RSR services are not available to the general public.  Work is strictly done on a private client/race team basis.

RSR are based in a number of distributed facilities across the UK including Lanarkshire, Edinburgh and Warrington.  Due to the private nature of the organisation and the value of vehicles involved precise locations are not made public.