You can’t park there!!

  • _MG_6088
  • _MG_6089
  • _MG_6090
  • _MG_6095
  • _MG_6069
  • _MG_6070
  • _MG_6074
  • _MG_6080
  • _MG_6082
  • _MG_6084
  • _MG_6086
  • _MG_6087

Not RSR cars in this post, but felt we needed to share.  Viewing the SMRC Sports and Saloons Car Championship this weekend we caught this spectacular sequence of shots.  For starters the cossie breaks down and remarkably the driver parks it up on the circuit (yes, we couldn’t believe it either – the absolute worst thing you can do).

Well, the inevitable happened and someone spun coming over the chicane….the rest as they say, is history…..have a look

_MG_6069_MG_6070_MG_6074_MG_6080_MG_6082_MG_6084_MG_6086_MG_6087_MG_6088 _MG_6089 _MG_6090 _MG_6095

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