Trailer Tyre Pressure Calculator

As we tow trailers around a lot (an awful lot!), we like to ensure that trailer tyre pressures are correct. There is a lot of REALLY bad info out there on the web, anything from “normal car pressures” to “the maximum pressure the tyre will take”. Both of these are horifically bad advice and will result in blow-outs or worse.

At RSR we use a little spreadsheet developed specifically to calculate the tyre pressure depending on the tyre, trailer and load. It only requires a few simple bits of info. You should be able to use it below. Just fill in the blue numbers, the rest is done for you.

If the embedded version below doesn’t work for you, try this link Caravan and Trailer Tyre Pressure Calculator

Typical Trailer Tyre

Typical Trailer Tyre

Credit goes to the Caravan Chronicles Blog for the original calculation