620R gear oil and brake fluid

We’re not convince the brakes on the 620R are as sharp as they should be and given the very thin servicing information Caterham provide with cars we have replaced the brake fluid with some Castrol SRF.  This is expensive race-spec fluid, and others argue that it is way too expensive, but having run it for years in assorted cars there is simply nothing which touches it.  Put simply, a firm pedal is guaranteed when running this stuff – it gives the drivers confidence on track.

Additionally the SADEV sequential box has no records of when the gear oil was last changed or what was put in.  It is very likely this was omitted when the “full service” was provided by Caterham just before purchase, so 1.1L of Millers CRX 75w90 NT competition spec gear oil were run through the box.  Caterham recommend changing this oil every 4k miles, Sadev recommend much more frequently.  We will do it every 500 to 1000 miles max depending on usage.

The picture is an older image of the 620R on one of its first outings in late Feb.  The cold weather made taping up the radiator necessary to make sure the car ran at a reasonable temperature.  This car has no thermostat so no way of regulating the lower bounds of the engine temperature.  Caterham are working on this issue to provide a thermostat but in the meantime we are looking for Magenta duct tape!

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